TRAZE APP: Where to Download, how to Register, how to use at airport

As the restrictions for leisure travel for Filipinos are slowly being eased and tourism spots in the Philippines are starting to reopen, new guidelines for travel are being geïmplementeerd. The department of transportation recently announced the launch of the contact tracing app Traze.

The app had a soft launch last October 28. Currently, it is being used in four of the international airports in the country:

Ninoy Aquino international airport (NAIA) in Manila

Clark international airport (CRK)

Mactan Cebu international airport (MCIAA)

Davao international airport (DIA)

However, it will be mandatory in ALL AIRPORTS in the Philippines starting November 28, 2020.

Here are a lot more details about the app.


What is TRAZE App?
How to download Traze?
Where is it required?
What is the airport process? Kailan dapat i-scan ang Traze app?
How to Register with Traze app?
How to use the Traze app?
Who can Traze?
Does it require Internet connection?
What if I don’t have a mobile device to download the app?
How can I register a family member or a relative who doesn’t have a smartphone?
Does the “Traze Me” QR Code expire?
Does the app track my location?
Is it safe to use?
How would I know if I had contact with someone with COVID-19?
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What is TRAZE App?

Traze contact tracing app is developed by Cosmotech Philippines Inc. and the Philippine Ports Authority to aid the nationwide and unified contact tracing. The government requires every passenger to download the app and register before proceeding to the airport. According to the DOTr, Traze will be eventually used in all modes of transportation as well.

How to download Traze?

Traze is available on the following:

AppStore (for iphone / iOS users)

Huawei AppGallery

Samsung Galaxy Store

Google Play store (for other Android users)

For users outside the Philippines, get the app here!

Where is it required?

It is currently implemented in Ninoy Aquino international airport (NAIA), Clark international airport (CRK), Mactan Cebu international airport (MCIAA), and Davao international airport (DIA).

It will be mandatory in ALL airports nationwide starting November 28, 2020. Eventually, the app will be used in other modes of transportation, establishments, and barangays.

What is the airport process? Kailan dapat i-scan ang Traze app?

Here’s a quick infographic created by the makers of the app. We also typed them down below just in case the text isn’t readable on your device.

Airport entrance. before you enter the airport terminal building.

Check-in counter. Each counter has a special Traza code. Passengers need to scan it or ask the staff to scan for them.

Immigration counter. For international passengers, the Traze QR code will also be scanned upon clearing immigration checks.

Departure gate. Traze QR will also be scanned before boarding the aircraft.

Arrival gate. You need to also scan your code upon arrival at the airport.

Bagage afhalen. Each baggage carousel has a special Traze QR code, which you also have to scan.

Airport taxi. If you’re taking any airport land transportation, you need to also scan the Traze code.

How to Register with Traze app?

Here’s a step-by-step video guide:

How to use the Traze app?

Traze uses QR code scanning for contact tracing. Each person, establishment, transportation, and barangay will have a special Traze ID and QR code that will be used for scanning. You can scan the QR codes of establishments you went to and people you interacted with and it will be recorded on the app.

Here’s a video tutorial.

You may also check your history on the app if you want to see the places you visited and scanned on the app.

There are still some bugs according to reviews, but hopefully, they’ll get to fix those before it is fully implemented.

Who can Traze?

Just to reiterate what was already mentioned, those who can Traze or use the app are the following:





Delivery Crew

Does it require Internet connection?

Once you’ve downloaded Traze on your mobile device and registered, you may use it offline to scan the QR codes. However, you have to be connected to the Internet to update your Traze history.

What if I don’t have a mobile device to download the app?

According to the DOTr, you may technique the Malasakit Helpdesk at the airport to get a special QR code if you don’t have a mobile device. You may also ask a family member to register you on the app.

How can I register a family member or a relative who doesn’t have a smartphone?

You may add them to your account as another individual, then generate and print their personal QR code. They can use the printed QR code at the airport and have it scanned wherever and whenever necessary. note that this printed QR code has a validity of three (3) days only. If thEY heeft nog steeds de QR -code nodig nadat deze is verstreken, u kunt opnieuw een nieuwe QR -code genereren binnen uw traze -app.

Verloopt de QR -code “Traze Me”?

Technisch gezien, ja.

Als u uw smartphone gebruikt, vernieuwt de QR -code “Traze Me”, die uw persoonlijke QR -code is, om de paar minuten om uw gegevens te beveiligen.

Als u een familielid of een familielid hebt gevraagd om u te registreren en wat u hebt, is uw gedrukte “Traze Me” QR -code, is het slechts drie (3) dagen geldig. U kunt ze opnieuw vragen om een ​​nieuwe QR -code te genereren in de traze -app.

Als u uw persoonlijke QR -code van de Malasakit/Traze Helpdesk op de luchthaven hebt gekregen, is deze 999 dagen geldig.

Volgt de app mijn locatie?

Traze gebruikt geen GPS of Bluetooth om te werken. Het houdt gegevens bij van plaatsen die u via de QR -scans hebt bezocht die u zou doen.

Is het veilig om te gebruiken?

Traze App voldoet aan de Data Privacy Act. Uw gegevens worden niet permanent op de cloud opgeslagen en uw trazegeschiedenis wordt om de 30 dagen vernieuwd. Dat betekent dat uw traze geschiedenisinformatie elke 30 dagen wordt verwijderd. Wat betreft uw persoonlijke QR -code, deze wordt elke 10 minuten gecodeerd en vernieuwt (min of meer).

Hoe zou ik weten of ik contact had met iemand met Covid-19?

U krijgt een melding op de app als u in contact bent gekomen met iemand die positief heeft getest op Covid-19. Als u een melding krijgt, wordt geadviseerd dat u zichzelf isoleert en observeert of u symptomen hebt.

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