All the travel offers You can get from the 11.11 ShopBack ShopFest

November 11 is nearly upon us, as well as you understand what that means! A great deal of brands are introducing their own 11.11 discounts for all on the internet buyers as well as bargain-hunters out there.

If you’re believing that these discounts are only for those trying to find clothes, cosmetics, or gadgets, you’re dead wrong. Over the past few years, a number of travel business have joined the party. If you’ve been wanting to go on a trip soon or perhaps next year, November 11 is a fantastic time to go hunting for deals.

One of the very best locations to snag travel offers is ShopBack. This year, their 11.11 ShopBack ShopFest is bursting with travel-related promos! From airlines to hotels to booking websites, you’ll discover a offer that matches your travel needs. The fantastic thing about the 11.11 ShopBack ShopFest is that while a lot of uses are offered on November 11, some can be snatched even up until November 14! as well as assumption what, some offers are already offered as early as now!

If you’re not familiar with ShopBack, believe of it as your buying aggregator with a twist. Not only will you score some huge discounts, you will likewise get a few of your money back. You can still shop or book with your preferred web sites like Lazada, Shopee, Agoda or Klook, however if you utilize their links, you get a few of your money back. as well as on November 11, the cashback is even bigger than before with their Upsized Cashback offers. Sweet, right?

While waiting on 11.11, you can already plan what to book since we have a listing of covered products as well as services ideal here! Here’s what’s in store for you at the 11.11 ShopBack ShopFest. All these are offered on November 11 only, unless otherwise stated.

To shop, go to SHOPBACK here!

Flight Deals

Etihad Airways. 3.0% Upsized Cashback (Flights). 2.0% Upsized Cashback (Available from Nov 9-13, 2019)

Hotel Deals 9.0% Upsized Cashback (Available from Nov 8, 6am, to Nov 12, 6am)

Diamond Hotel. as much as 15.0% Upsized Cashback

Expedia Hotels. as much as 10.0% Upsized Cashback

Hostelworld. 32.0% Upsized Cashback

RedDoorz. 21.0% Upsized Cashback

Agoda. as much as 12.0% Upsized Cashback (Available from Nov 11-12, 2019)

Reisboek. as much as P400 Upsized Cashback (Available from Nov 8-14, 2019) (Hotels). 8.0% Upsized Cashback (Available from Nov 9-13, 2019)

ZenRooms. 20.0% Upsized Cashback

Tour & restaurant Deals

MetroDeal as much as 8.0% Upsized Cashback

Viator 11.0% Upsized (Promo up from Nov 6-14, 2019)

Travel OOTD Deals

Adidas. 11.0% Upsized Cashback

H&M. 13.0% Upsized Cashback

Sole Academy. 20.0% Upsized Cashback

Onder pantser. as much as 8.0% Upsized Cashback (Promo up from Nov 8-14, 2019)

ZALORA. as much as 20.0% Upsized Cashback (Promo up from Nov 8-11, 2019)

Zilingo. as much as 12.0% Upsized Cashback

To browse for a lot more deals, go to SHOPBACK here!

Here’s a summary of a few of their finest offers.

How ShopBack Works

If you’re wondering exactly how ShopBack is able to provide you some cashback, it’s really quite basic however brilliant. ShopBack utilizes affiliate marketing, something that has been around for ages. let us describe this to you utilizing something we might all associate to: MILK TEA.

Imagine that in our town, there is a Milk Tea store that offers a cup for P100. If, say, they spend P60 to create a cup of milk tea, then they revenue P40 per cup. One day, I choose to speak to the owner as well as propose, “Hey, I can invite my buddies to get milk tea from you. Let’s have a deal.” We agree. for each cup that my buddies get from the store, I get a P20 commission. The cost of the milk tea is still the exact same however the owner as well as I split the profit. The shop’s incomes per cup is now only P20 as well as I make P20. They’re fine with it since I refer a great deal of friends. In this scenario, I have now ended up being their affiliate.

In a nutshell, that’s exactly how affiliate advertising works. however ShopBack takes it to one more level. Remember, I get P20 compensation per cup. Let’s state that since I want my buddies to get milk tea with me alone, I provide them a considerable discount. instead of keeping the full P20 compensation to myself, I choose to provide half of it back to you, the purchaser — I keep P10 as well as provide the other P10 back. So now, if you believe about it, a cup of milk tea now costs P90 since I return P10 to you. You saved P10.

The shop owner still make P20 per cup, I make P10, as well as you save P10. In this scenario, I am ShopBack. This is an oversimplified explanation of it, however that’s generally exactly how it works.

So the next time you want to book something online, try inspecting out ShopBack first!

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